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IARC Monographs – Volume 131

Cobalt Metal (without Tungsten Carbide or Other Metal Alloys) and Cobalt (II) Salts, Trivalent and Pentavalent Antimony, and Weapons-Grade Tungsten (with Nickel and Cobalt) Alloy

Lyon, France (to be held remotely)

2–18 March 2022

Preliminary List of Agents
Call for Data (closing date 8 February 2022)
Call for Experts (closing date 8 July 2021)
Request for Observer Status (closing date 8 November 2021)
WHO Declaration of Interests for this volume
Code of Conduct
IARC/WHO Temporary Advisers Agreement
Instructions for Authors

IARC encourages the participation of Representatives of national and international health agencies.
Please contact IARC at monograph131@iarc.fr for further information.