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12 April 2024

Advisory Group recommendations on priorities for the IARC Monographs

We are pleased to announce that the results of the recent meeting of the Advisory Group to Recommend Priorities for the IARC Monographs during 2025–2029 have now been published in The Lancet Oncology. This summary article presents the conclusions of the Advisory Group.

The Advisory Group of experts considered more than 200 candidates, including infectious agents, biotoxins, complex exposures, particles and fibres, metals, pharmaceuticals, physical agents, and a wide variety of chemicals. The majority of the agents were submitted after a public call for nominations, and the remainder were on the priority list established after the previous Advisory Group meeting in 2019. For each nominated agent, the Advisory Group considered the evidence regarding human exposure, cancer in humans, cancer in experimental animals, and carcinogen mechanisms, according to precepts described in the IARC Monographs Preamble, assigning priority according to evidence for human exposure and whether the available carcinogenicity data could support a new or updated evaluation.

The Advisory Group recommended a broad range of agents for evaluation with high, medium, or no priority.

The full report will be published later in 2024.

Berrington de González A, Masten SA, Bhatti B, Fortner RT, Peters S, Santonen T, et al.
Advisory Group recommendations on priorities for the IARC Monographs
Lancet Oncol, Published online 12 April 2024;

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